Let’s face it. Disruption is all around us.

But organisation can be a force for good, as well as a headache for some, and a responsibility for others.

But where you stand, given the choice and variety of organisations on offer to choose from, may depend on how well you address ‘the intersection’ of: business, technology and Culture.

For Culture depends on and demands a free Press. Where do YOU stand in defence of free speech? And where would Theatre be without its Writers? We hold regular events by invitation to members who support Free Theatre. Where would democracy be without its defenders?

There is a School of Thought that suggests ‘change the world’ is something to leave to politicians and their masters (the electorate). Far more radical, and much more challenging is the task to adjust one’s reference points or mindset to find the best each day has to offer.

With Change all around us, what better place to start from, than where you are, here and now.

To sign up to Kiev FT (Kiev Free Theatre.com) simply input your email address. Registration for FT Alphaville is free. ‘Reclaiming the human’.

For all your ADR needs. A Members’ only service by subscription.

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Developer's Sandbox is a useful complement to GUI or essential component of API development for digital banking. Contact us directly for R + D to develop custom approach to client-centred user engagement.

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